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Media Ref #    LP1HZLUXI
Media Name:    Carolina Wren
Copyright:    Cal Vornberger. All Rights Reserved.
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Last Modified:    02/13/2010
Added Date:    02/13/2010
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Media Type:    Image
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Description:    A singing Carolina Wren exiting a nest hole in New York City's Central Park. Singing one of the loudest songs per volume of bird, the Carolina Wren's "tea-kettle, tea-kettle, tea-kettle" is familiar across the eastern United States. From "Birds of Central Park" by Cal Vornberger.
Keywords:    Carolina Wren Thryothorus ludovicianus wildlife bird birding birds carolina central city hole nest new park wren urban york
Keywords Red-breasted Nuthatch Sitta canadensis Wildlife bird birding birds breasted central city hole nest new park red urban york
Caption A Carolina Wren warns a rival to stay away as it enters a hole in a hollowed out tree on a cold Winter's day in New York City's Central Park. Thryothorus ludovicianus

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