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Media Ref #    LPLKINUEX
Media Name:    Maine Monument in a Snowstorm
Copyright:    Cal Vornberger. All Rights Reserved.
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Last Modified:    03/04/2010
Added Date:    02/18/2010
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Description:    The Maine Monument also adorns Columbus Circle, and is dedicated to the 260 "valiant seamen who perished in the American battleshi] Maine by fate unwarned in death unafraid" in 1898. Situated at the entrance of Merchants' Gate, the main gateway into Central Park, this colossal marble statue and fountain of the Maine Monument commemorates the controversial sinking of the battleship Maine in 1898.
Keywords:    maine monument statue bronze snowstorm central park merchant's gate central park new york city urban architecture oasis Olmstead Vaux
Keywords central park new york city urban wildlife omstead vaux rangers activities conservancy landscape

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